Winterreise ~ Andrew and pianist Rami Sarieddine are preparing their first Winterreise for performance in winter 2016 at Bard College and recital venues in the North East.  Andrew and Rami will post reflections on the work and preparation for it on RESOUND.

Making Tellus: Sketches of a Cosmogram for the Anthropocene ~ Composer Nina C. Young and Andrew are collaborating on an evening-length, multidisciplinary cantata that explores humanity’s emergence as a geological force.

Imagine collecting an ice-core sample from a glacier.  This cross-section of ice contains thousands of years of information – material that can be used to create a climactic record and tell the story of Earth.  In Making Tellus we are harvesting a metaphorical core-sample of scientific, mythological, and mundane texts that narrate the advent and implications our geologic era – the Anthropocene.  For the project writings and media on the project, visit

Dust in the Bottomland ~ Composer and writer Nate May and Andrew created the musical monodrama Dust in the Bottomland in 2013. When his sister suffers from a drug overdose, a young professional living in Detroit returns to his native West Virginia, where he finds dramatic changes in the place he left behind.

Andrew and Nate performed it for audiences throughout central Appalachia and in New York City. Currently Nate and Andrew are working with filmmaker Kate Fowler to create a hybrid cinematic opera and documentary for release in 2017. The full recording of the original version for piano, voice, and tape and information on the film can be found at