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Making Tellus is an operatic exploration of the Anthropocene with a libretto by Andrew Munn and music by Nina C. Young.  It is scored for bass voice (Munn), female vocal trio, mixed chamber ensemble and electronics; it narrates the sonic/visual timeline of the human role in changing the geology of the Earth.

Imagine collecting an ice-core sample from a glacier. This cross-section of frozen water contains thousands of years of information –data used to create a climactic record of Earth. Scientists become chroniclers as they discover and tell the story of our planet.

In Making Tellus we harvest a metaphorical core-sample of human time. This crosssection becomes a cosmogram, a mandala, that narrates the mythological, scientific, literary, and socio-political conversations that have led to an awareness of our new geologic epoch – the Anthropocene. Our piece visits a wide swathe of texts from the Bible to research papers, from Antonio Stoppani’s 1873 Corso di Geologia to #Anthropocene tweets. This temporal juxtaposition creates a dialogue between the past and current ideas regarding the notion that humankind is now directly sculpting the geology of Earth. Welcome to our evening-length, multi-media performance piece: a collaboration and labor of love between composer Nina C. Young, bass vocalist Andrew R. Munn.