A Duo +

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Multiple beings, intelligences, and artifacts merge in performance to momentarily enliven a new entity. Inspired by the image of the Chimera of classical mythology and its uncanny reality in contemporary biology, bass Andrew Robert Munn and pianist Rami Sarieddine founded Chimera in January 2019 to build on their five years of close collaboration. The voice and piano duo forms the nucleus of a collaborative hub between musicians, living and deceased composers and poets, scholars, and interdisciplinary artists. Their 2019 season kicks off with performances in Cyprus and Athens, including a world premiere by composer Andys Skordis.


Composers: Katherine Balch, Molly Herron, Matthew Ricketts, Andys Skordis, Nina C. Young

Visual Artists: Corinna Munn, Christopher RJ Worth,

Instrumentalists: Hugo Abraham (double bassist), Samuel Zagnit (double bassist)

Animals: Shadowfax (dog), Zarathustra (cat)